Stress Less for the Holidays

Stress Less for the Holidays

Few things in life are certain: death, taxes and stress. Just the mention of the word stress makes people tense up. Fortunately, we have a multitude of emerging practices that help us cope with visible and invisible stresses, leading to better health and well-being. Stress Less is a blend of essential oils that can help ease the burdens on the body and prevents stress from breaking down the body’s immune barrier(s).

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The constancy of stresses on the body come from many sources: emotional, physical, and mental. We create some of this stress by how we react to circumstances in our daily lives, or over long periods of time. Some stresses are borne from trauma long past, to mildly annoying stimuli, such as a constant buzzing, getting stuck in traffic, or overtaxing the body. Stress can cause imperceptible cracks in our well-being that range from emotional responses like irritability, mild incoherence and difficulty concentrating or remembering. Stress can also manifest as catalysts to very physical trauma such as headaches, chronic pain, sickness, even disease. Integrative medicine is supporting a variety of stress reduction methodologies as preventative measure to improve healthier living.

With chronic stress, those same nerve chemicals that are life-saving in short bursts can suppress functions that aren’t needed for immediate survival. Your immunity is lowered and your digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems stop working normally. Once the threat has passed, other body systems act to restore normal functioning. Problems occur if the stress response goes on too long, such as when the source of stress is constant, or if the response continues after the danger has subsided.


One of the most measurable impacts of stress is to our bodies’ ability to interact normally, according to a balanced system of internal communication and responses. Stress is received by the body’s receptors like a constant pressure or demand placed on the body to run its internal messaging system hyperactively. Touch of Earth has long held the belief that an ounce of prevention is good medicine (or 1/3 of an ounce). Stress Less balances the nervous system and adrenal gland’s response to help stress dissipate. The essential oils of Atlas Cedar, Gernaium, Sweet Orange, Pine and Black Spruce create a leveling effect by stimulating and soothing, calming and activating the adrenals to assist in bringing about a natural homeostasis, rather than a drastic over the counter drug induced sedation that can have devastating and harmful side effects. Active compounds like citronellol and geraniol activate the adrenal gland response, while the sedative effects of atlantone, cedrol, pinene and limonene soothe and can even regulate the response to within normal ranges.

Inhaling Stress Less or using it in a diffuser can even out even the most taxed adrenal systems. Use a few drops of Stress Less essential oil blend to massage the bottoms of the feet, or onto the kidney area after a shower. Stress Less works to help the body, mind and soul bend instead of breaking under the effects of stress.

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