Our Commitment to Quality

aromatherapy_nature-nurture-balanceAt Touch of Earth, we strive for balance. All of our products are created with the greatest respect for nature. The herbs and compounds we use are sustainably harvested and responsibly sourced to produce essences that manifest nature’s healing power, not at the cost of our natural resources, but in harmony with them.

15% Off Stay Healthy Blends

Save 15% off any of our three cold and flu season immune support and recovery blends. Immunity, Respiratory Health, and Aches Away support the body’s natural defenses and soothe healing recovery efforts.


Rest and Recover

Rest is the key to Recovery. Save 15% off our Sweet Sleep essential oil blend.


Bugz Be Gone Trio

Three different sizes and specifications for a variety of applications .

All safe, all-natural and all available.

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Lice Be Gone

An ounce of all-natural prevention to help stave off head lice with easy to use Lice Be Gone.

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