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Lice Be Gone is a proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils formulated to provide a safe, non-toxic, non-irritating and effective prevention and treatment against head lice. Lice Be Gone has proven to be extremely effective when used as prevention at first sign of outbreak. comes in an 8 oz. recyclable aluminum spray bottle.

More About Lice

Head lice live among human hairs, laying eggs called nits on hair shafts closest to the skin. Lice hatch within 2 weeks and they must bite and draw blood to stay alive. These bites cause itching and soreness on the scalp of the infected. Lice are highly contagious and re-infestations are common if not treated properly.Lice, like many insects and parasites have become resistant to many over-the-counter chemical based treatments and products. Harsh chemical based products, when reapplied, can lead to severe reactions or even tissue damage. Lice are also proving to be highly adaptable to climate change, favoring the temperature shifts and becoming more prolific across the Western Hemisphere.


Tea tree, Lavender, Rosemary, May chang, Neem, Distilled water, Aloe vera gel, Witch hazel


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