Reminder to be Mindful: Aromatherapy vs Anxiety, ADD and More

Reminder to be Mindful: Aromatherapy vs Anxiety, ADD and More

In the Age of Technology, we have gained a profound ability to multitask. However, it comes at the cost of focus, and an exponential increase in anxiety across our social spectrum. We have forgotten how to be mindful in favor of being hyper-connected.

Mindfulness is an abstract notion of being that we take for granted. Seeming too difficult to grasp or too much of a demand on our already over-taxed attentions (and intentions), we forget that practicing mindfulness is as simple as it gets. To focus on a single act, to immerse fully in the immediate, present moment and nothing else is mindfulness. Mindfulness of exquisite flavors immerses us in our partaking of delicious meals (and reminds us to chew more slowly – an important part of nutrition, people). Mindfulness of a deep tissue massage sends us into a time warp of sensate bliss. Mindfulness keeps our noisy minds quiet and our wandering minds still.

Our essential oil blend was originally developed as a study aid. My daughter was in law school preparing for the bar exam and begged for something that would help her stay awake. Every student around her was taking some pill or other, pounding energy drinks or just crippling their adrenal system with chemical agents and ultimately, toxins. Mindfulness combines the invigorating, focusing properties of Bergamot and Lemon with the creative awakening and centering properties of Jatamansi, Holy and Sweet Basil with the circulatory stimulating properties of Rosemary and Jatamansi for a simple and naturally effective aid to help indulge Mindfulness. And my daughter passed the bar on her first try, by the way!















Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity and Anxiety stem from a great many sources of stimuli, and our ability (or inabilities) to process them. Too often, when overridden with caffeine, sugar and any number of medications such as beta blockers, SSRI’s and antidepressants, we lost mental acuity, and the ability to focus. Thoughts escape us more frequently, we lose track of our thoughts and even our ability to speak coherently. Like meditation, mindfulness centers our focus and lends deliberateness to our actions. Deliberate actions are rooted in intention, Intention speaks to the universe, and so on.

Mindfulness is a principle or notion we have ‘broken up with’ in our current society. We are a nation of over-taxed, over-stimulated attention spans that are otherwise spent before reaching conclusions. Our common ailments are ADD, anxiety, depression and simply dissolute focus. Mindfulness essential oil blend is a Touch of Earth signature product that was designed as a study aid for law students without chemical agents. Using all natural ingredients and the body’s natural adaptive systems, we can trigger the olfactory neural pathways that help assign a bond to memory, focus and alertness without harmful chemicals or habit-forming medication.

Mindfulness essential oil helps instill the quiet, calming focus that we lose in the midst of the constant external bombardment of the mobile cyber-world. Our unique blend is on sale for 20% off and we invite you to lose yourself in a single moment with Mindfulness.


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