Aromatherapy Uses


 Direct: Inhale the aroma from the bottle or from a tissue sprinkled with a few drops of oil. Repeat as desired.

Steam: Bring a pot of water to a boil. Transfer water into a glass bowl and add several drops of essential oil. With a towel covering the back of your head, draped over your head and the bowl, deeply inhale the vapors.


Simple evaporative devices are used for creating aroma in a room, but choose a nebulizing diffuser for more therapeutic benefits.


Add several drops after the bath has filled; swish water to disperse evenly. May add essential oils to milk, sea salt or epsom salt for a more therapeutic effect in the tub.

Foot Baths

Ideal for stress, colds and flu, headaches, or tired aching feet. Add sea salt or epsom salt for added detoxification.


Add 25 drops of essential oil to 2 ounces of lotion or massage oil; more may be used to relieve a specific area of discomfort.

Other Uses

  • Compresses for cramps or muscle tension.
  • Use on pulse points: wrists, temples, back of the neck.
  • Chest/back rub for respiratory ailments.
  • The soles of the feet are an especially effective pathway for absorption.