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Welcome to Touch of Earth

EarthLeaf2My name is Nancy Brillault,  founder and creator of Touch of Earth, a therapeutic essential oil company.

I am a clinically trained herbalist and certified aromatherapist.  I am a mother and grandmother and someone who has been a passionate advocate for health.  Health on all levels…body,  mind, spirit,  neighborhood and health of our beautiful planet earth.

My background in Native American studies along with Hippocrates famous words “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” is the basic tenet of my healing principles.  Food includes the plants that provide so much of our daily sustenance as well as our medicines.

Because of the nature of the distillation process of plants to essential oils, these are some of our most potent healers since they heal on all levels, body,  mind and spirit.  


Head Lice Are Growing Resistant to Over-the-Counter Chemical Treatments

Over the years, head lice have developed a resistance to chemical treatments, from over the counter options to expensive prescriptions. We have seen the media cycle through warnings about how either the improper use of chemicals to treat head lice, or the need to repeat applications of chemicals has led to the mutation of “Super Lice.” Super Lice Found in 25 States Hard to kill super lice Head Lice Getting Drug-Resistant Super-Lice Found in 25 States A large number of lice populations have gene mutations that may make it resistant to over-the-counter treatments Hard to kill super lice are resistant to many chemicals The bugs known as super lice have developed genetic mutations that make them resistant to many of the over-the-counter and prescription chemicals that used to kill them. Head Lice, Getting Drug-Resistant, Shut Down Idaho School Over-the-counter products like Nix and RID have been effective, but now many cases are becoming drug resistant, so head lice outbreaks like the one in Idaho are on the rise. We see that resistance to chemicals is nothing new across the spectrum of pesticides, from pyrethroids to permethrin and ivermectin. However, in nature, we continue to see pests, insects and parasites avoid certain plants and plant families over millennia of written and oral tradition. The long-term effects of chemical use has proven inconclusive regarding the risks to people, but we can now say with certainty that the long-term effects on pests are proving, well, harmless and ineffective at preventing their spread. We encourage a holistic life style and promote well-being through natural alternatives, but we are seeing a marked value in...

Reminder to be Mindful: Aromatherapy vs Anxiety, ADD and More

In the Age of Technology, we have gained a profound ability to multitask. However, it comes at the cost of focus, and an exponential increase in anxiety across our social spectrum. We have forgotten how to be mindful in favor of being hyper-connected. Mindfulness is an abstract notion of being that we take for granted. Seeming too difficult to grasp or too much of a demand on our already over-taxed attentions (and intentions), we forget that practicing mindfulness is as simple as it gets. To focus on a single act, to immerse fully in the immediate, present moment and nothing else is mindfulness. Mindfulness of exquisite flavors immerses us in our partaking of delicious meals (and reminds us to chew more slowly – an important part of nutrition, people). Mindfulness of a deep tissue massage sends us into a time warp of sensate bliss. Mindfulness keeps our noisy minds quiet and our wandering minds still. Our essential oil blend was originally developed as a study aid. My daughter was in law school preparing for the bar exam and begged for something that would help her stay awake. Every student around her was taking some pill or other, pounding energy drinks or just crippling their adrenal system with chemical agents and ultimately, toxins. Mindfulness combines the invigorating, focusing properties of Bergamot and Lemon with the creative awakening and centering properties of Jatamansi, Holy and Sweet Basil with the circulatory stimulating properties of Rosemary and Jatamansi for a simple and naturally effective aid to help indulge Mindfulness. And my daughter passed the bar on her first try, by the way!  ...

Mindfulness on 60 Minutes

We are overloaded day in and day out with the conveniences of mobile technology. What is supposed to save us time ultimately saps our strength. 60 Minutes recent segment on the practice of Mindfulness revealed how out of touch we are with the act of living. We will look at how we can alleviate some of the imbalances through Mindfulness, both as a practice and as a healing essential oil.   Why? We are a goal-oriented society with overactive brains, constantly wandering from place to place, and imagining ‘what ifs’ at every turn. We are rarely mindful of being in the moment. Let’s be honest, even while you are reading this you are probably thinking about your calendar, who still needs a Christmas card, what’s on the grocery list, or the next goal in the near future instead of what resides within us and around us in this present moment. These demands we place on ourselves to multitask and the drive to stay constantly connected through technology cause us to access several, often disparate regions of the brain at once. Anxiety, fatigue and depression are all activated responses from the posterior cingulet region of the brain. When these emotions occur, the activity in this region of the brain increases. When we spend so much time ‘plugged in’ to stay connected or using technology as the governing intermediary of our lives, we are literally feeding the beast. Anxiety, depression and fatigue are undiagnosed side effects of overtaxing our adrenal glands, and overstimulation of the cerebral cortex. Taking time to observe our present state of body-mind, just letting go of everything...

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