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Welcome to Touch of Earth

EarthLeaf2My name is Nancy Brillault,  founder and creator of Touch of Earth, a therapeutic essential oil company.

I am a clinically trained herbalist and certified aromatherapist.  I am a mother and grandmother and someone who has been a passionate advocate for health.  Health on all levels…body,  mind, spirit,  neighborhood and health of our beautiful planet earth.

My background in Native American studies along with Hippocrates famous words “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” is the basic tenet of my healing principles.  Food includes the plants that provide so much of our daily sustenance as well as our medicines.

Because of the nature of the distillation process of plants to essential oils, these are some of our most potent healers since they heal on all levels, body,  mind and spirit.  


Essential Oils Aid the Immune System

We tend to think of essential oils as mere pleasant additions to a relaxing massage. But in olden days, some cultures valued oils even more than gold because their powerful healing properties were known. Essential oils are some of the highest oxygenating agents on the Earth. Because the oils are so highly concentrated with oxygen, they are at least 50 times more therapeutically potent than herbs made from the plant. For a great scientific review on how essential oils work to detoxify our blood and cells, click here! Touch of Earth prides itself on our uniquely blended Therapeutic Essential Oil blends. We use local and organically grown plants whenever possible with the intent to truly heal on a cellular level. All of our oils can be applied topically, used in a bath or diffused in the environment where we live. Please read more on our website for specific application and use information and to get your therapeutic blend...

Climate Change and Mosquitoes

The climate is warming – this we know.  Mosquito borne illness is on the rise – this we know, as well. Check out this link for the details.Researchers predict that within the next 5 to 15 years, human travel and migration will be the largest factors driving the spread of mosquitoes.  They also say that climate change and accelerating urbanization will create new mosquito habitats. These new habitats will endanger half of the world’s population. This is a great article (click here) with further details.What can you do? Be safe when you travel – try our deet-free bug spray, Bugz Be Gone. We have a 3.4 oz spray, the perfect size for travel. Check out the Touch of Earth store to buy your bug spray...

Head Lice Are Growing Resistant to Over-the-Counter Chemical Treatments

Over the years, head lice have developed a resistance to chemical treatments, from over the counter options to expensive prescriptions. We have seen the media cycle through warnings about how either the improper use of chemicals to treat head lice, or the need to repeat applications of chemicals has led to the mutation of “Super Lice.” Super Lice Found in 25 States Hard to kill super lice Head Lice Getting Drug-Resistant Super-Lice Found in 25 States A large number of lice populations have gene mutations that may make it resistant to over-the-counter treatments Hard to kill super lice are resistant to many chemicals The bugs known as super lice have developed genetic mutations that make them resistant to many of the over-the-counter and prescription chemicals that used to kill them. Head Lice, Getting Drug-Resistant, Shut Down Idaho School Over-the-counter products like Nix and RID have been effective, but now many cases are becoming drug resistant, so head lice outbreaks like the one in Idaho are on the rise. We see that resistance to chemicals is nothing new across the spectrum of pesticides, from pyrethroids to permethrin and ivermectin. However, in nature, we continue to see pests, insects and parasites avoid certain plants and plant families over millennia of written and oral tradition. The long-term effects of chemical use has proven inconclusive regarding the risks to people, but we can now say with certainty that the long-term effects on pests are proving, well, harmless and ineffective at preventing their spread. We encourage a holistic life style and promote well-being through natural alternatives, but we are seeing a marked value in...

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