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Welcome to Touch of Earth

EarthLeaf2My name is Nancy Brillault,  founder and creator of Touch of Earth, a therapeutic essential oil company.

I am a clinically trained herbalist and certified aromatherapist.  I am a mother and grandmother and someone who has been a passionate advocate for health.  Health on all levels…body,  mind, spirit,  neighborhood and health of our beautiful planet earth.

My background in Native American studies along with Hippocrates famous words “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” is the basic tenet of my healing principles.  Food includes the plants that provide so much of our daily sustenance as well as our medicines.

Because of the nature of the distillation process of plants to essential oils, these are some of our most potent healers since they heal on all levels, body,  mind and spirit.  


Reminder to be Mindful: Aromatherapy vs Anxiety, ADD and More

In the Age of Technology, we have gained a profound ability to multitask. However, it comes at the cost of focus, and an exponential increase in anxiety across our social spectrum. We have forgotten how to be mindful in favor of being hyper-connected. Mindfulness is...

Mindfulness on 60 Minutes

We are overloaded day in and day out with the conveniences of mobile technology. What is supposed to save us time ultimately saps our strength. 60 Minutes recent segment on the practice of Mindfulness revealed how out of touch we are with the act of living. We will...

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